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Being given the opportunity to support our clients’ interests is a tremendous honor and responsibility. We take great care in all our actions to ensure our clients investments in us creates long term value. This begins with providing our clients with the extraordinary talent and experience.


ACAL goes beyond consulting. As the world grows infinitely more connected, it also becomes more complex and unpredictable. We know how to link the right people, with the right savvy, in order to shake up established thinking, find the deeper insight, and summon the courage to act.

Because of our intellectual diversity, spanning every significant industry and function, we can spark complex transformations across the sometimes disparate parts of a client's organization.

We collaborate with clients to dig up valid data, rigorous analyses, external perspectives, root causes, and explicit logic. The goal is to uncover moments of insight—and to have the courage to embrace, and act on, the truths that surface.

Lasting Relationships

Our partnerships run deep. ACAL’s culture of internal collaboration naturally translates to our relationships with clients. We develop programs tailored to a client’s unique context and competitive advantage. Our clients’ successes are our own.

Each solution is grounded in how the client organization actually works and its unique position in the marketplace. ACAL pushes beyond standard frameworks and methodologies. As a result, we don’t end up with standard industry answers. Our heritage of independent thinking has preserved our edge in client collaboration.

Constant Renewal

Timeless Purpose


Our core consulting business lays the foundation for us to work towards our vision of becoming the world’s best consultancy. We spent our first five years building ACAL’s core consulting business across a wide range of capabilities by transforming strategy into practical execution for our clients. From our original roots focusing on strategic and transformational outsourcing, we have diversified our capabilities across many industries, developing a strong business – one we are really proud of. By delivering real results through our unique blend of industry and consulting expertise, we have been earning the right to change the game in consulting.

At just over 10 years old, we’re helping our clients innovate to stay alive by discovering what is possible and making change happen. We believe we can only do this for our clients if we do it for ourselves….so we are. We continually challenge ourselves to deliver beyond expectations, and by doing things like The Pitch, launching a startup accelerator in our offices and developing risk-reward or equity-based pricing models, we are walking the talk and trying to change the game in our own industry.



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